"Forgive me, but to me, you've been dead for centuries." — Eobard's favorite pre-mortem one-liner

Eobard Clariss, better known to the public a the Positron and formerly known to the heroes as Spiral, is currently an inmate of the Kalos maximum security prison. In the past, he was a youthful time traveler who used his techonology to help people throughout history as a mercenary. After being stranded in the present with Cindy and her team, he fell in love with Nyssa hurt to the brink of death. As a result his friends decided it was worth the risk of injecting him with a miracle serum, which ultimately succeeded in reviving him, but also rendered him mentally unstable. He became entrenched in hatred for Cindy after learning she was responsible for Nyssa's death, unhealthily obsessing over the event to the point that he hallucinated Nyssa begging him to avenge her.

Afterwards, he took Cindy, forced her to rename herself Sin, and used a mind control implant to force her into his servitude and enter an extremely toxic and abusive relationship with him. He made her help him as he took up his mercenary career again. Sin eventually managed to escape because of the Triforce of Courage, and she and Eobard fought in Lumiose City, a bloody conflict that lasted long and killed many. It was revealed that Eobard had fallen in love with his present-day ancestor, Marianne Clariss, and had impersonated her husband Edward Clariss on several occasions. Cindy managed to outsmart him at the eleventh hour and cured him before trapping him in the prison. It is unknown if the cure has repaired his mental state.