Griphy is one of the users of Roy's Sports Hall and has two roleplay characters: Griphy and Dr. Guy.


Griphy discovered Lemmy's Land at the age of six, from a link on the IGN forums. Griphy submitted one Fun Fiction, a couple of Drawing Board submissions, and a Games submission (all under a different username), before going silent and returning years later to Roy's Sports Hall.



Unsurprisingly, Griphy was Griphy's first roleplay character on Roy's Sports Hall. Griphy was present during the Gryphon Republic roleplay, where he was a subordinate of Grand General Flyer Green. The Gryphon Republic was abruptly destroyed, but Griphy managed to survive, and attempted to help in the battle against Omega. Griphy was trapped in a vibranium cage, and despite using all of his spells in an attempt to break out, he couldn't escape. Eventually, he did escape, and participated a bit in the battle against Omega. After Omega was defeated, Griphy flew off into the sunset, and hasn't been seen in the roleplay since. However, he did host the Griphy's Universal Tournament show, so he is alive.

Dr. GuyEdit

Dr. Guy was Griphy's second roleplay character. He is an extremely smart, maniacal, award winning Shy Guy
The Real Dr. Guy
with a doctorate in nuclear physics. He was first spotted on the train heading to Nimbus Land, where he inadvertendly let slip his plan to destroy the world. Then, an asteroid hit him. He quickly recovered and planned to sell the asteroid to make money to fund his schemes, but it was stolen from him. He then jumped off the train, and plummeted to the ground, making a huge "SPLAT!" sound as he hit the ground.

Four of his assistants then revived Dr. Guy, and they made a base. Dr. Guy concocted a plan to build a bomb large enough to destroy the world by harnessing zero-point energy. The prototype of the bomb, an extremely scaled down version, was a complete success. Construction then began on the much bigger bomb capable of destroying the world. Nothing has been heard of him since.

  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: December 29
  • Height: 4'0"
  • Weight: 71lb
  • IQ: Unknown. He claims that a standard IQ test is insufficient to measure his genius.
  • Running speed: 5 mi/h
  • Durability: Survived an asteroid hitting him
  • Strength: Strength? What strength?

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