conflictsIndra's story Edit

Indra Fumito was a normal child born to Konoho; The village hidden in the leaves. As a child, he did what other kids did most. Become a ninja. When he became a ninja, he soon realized his specialty was Fire Style. Growing up, he had friends called Chi(best with earth style) and Maru(good with water style). His Team leader was called Ichigo(Overall average ninja cell leader). When he grew up, almost becoming a Jonin, A disaster happened. The Leaf was attacked by a unknown merc. Indra ran away from the village in fear of being killed. He then was claimed a Rogue Ninja..Growing up fearing that he would be killed if found, He went to a small cave where there was a hole inside. Indra never dared entered the hole until he was about 16 years old. As he entered, he smelt a horrible stench. He looked around, seeing white creatures (Zetsus). He stealthily stepped through and eventually found Madara's stash of hashirama cells, weapons, and clothing. Taking Madara's signature old armor, Hashirama cells, and his Gunbai, Indra left once again outside the hole. After that, Indra grew to be a treasure hunter and expert Ninja. Below is what he has in his stash at this time (It will be updated every time he finds something cool in the RP)

Indra's Treasure he found being a treasure hunter. Edit

-Madara's Stash, Tobirama's Flying Thunder God, Minato's Coat and other valuables, Mei's cells (I'm still figuring out how he got them, Nega says Indra bit Mei's foot, XD) And many more I probably forgot to add in.

Indra's full list of different Jutsu Styles Edit

Water Style; taught by Maru as a child. 

Earth Style: Taught by Chi as a child.

Acid and Lava styles: Mei's DNA (foot xD)

Fire Style: Natural Jutsu style.

Wood Style: Hashirama cells

And Many More I probably forgot to add because theres too many!

Indra's relationships Edit

Echo - Knows a bit about and thinks he's a good "Lad"

Basically, Indra knows about every ninja in the rp; Reason? He studied Ninjas from around the world when he was in the Naruto world.

Heroes: On good terms. Yet not trusted because lack of backstory explanation. 

Oak's story + Delta's Edit

(Okay, this might be confusing...)

Oak and Delta have a mission. And this mission is to bring Dark/Evil Nega and Echo back to their world.

However, Oak chooses not do it until the conflicts are over with the Spiral man, Shade, and the Chaos Council. Also, Oak and Delta have a big secret they can't tell because of the space time continuum. I won't say it here because I want it to be a big surprise to everyone. Heehee