josh was a user on Roy Sport's Hall, eventually Griphyrsh. He found the site at age 10, and was a consistent user.

When the site transferred to Griphy's Blog, josh initially missed the cut, and only later made it on.

Josh's characters.


Joshua Bones- The Dry Bones/Cubone hybrid who saved the world.

Aldati Transformazione- A tanoomba from a ruined future, trying to save his own and make this one better.

Oxi-Clean- A genetically modified spray bottle with the power to move through portals.


(Steven Force are shared characters, as are the rest of his antagonists.)

Drake- Formerly Dark Josh, a shadow clone created by the Steven Force's Shadow.

Maxwell Koopa: A dark koopa with an insane amount of weapons. Brother of Shadow and Shade. Hired hand.

Leslie Planty: A Piranha Plant with different types of weapons. Hired hand.

Supporting Character:

Deborah Bones: Josh's big sister, a magikoopa. Currently a fortune teller.

Antonio "Skull" De La Guerra: Former Koopa Troop general. Is now Josh's second best friend. Gone missing.

Dry Bones- Born to parents with uncreative minds. Known for his partying and racing skills.

Some random guy: Known for just popping up at points to joke.