250px-MP8 DryBones

The Boneman

Joshua Bones, better known as Josh, Is a user on Roy Sports Hall B


Josh was once a hammer bro under bowser. After getting stomped by Mario one too many times, Bowser sent him to the lava pits, where he became a dry bones. Angered, Josh led a revolt. He managed to bring top general Skull onto his side. Despite fighting valiantly, he lost and was forced as punishment to be a test subject. The experiment was to see if a regular koopa could turn into a cubone. Due to him being dead, his genetic makeup fused with the cubone and made him a hybrid. With his newfound powers, he fled castle koopa and walked the earth, skull at his side.

The ultimate boo sagaEdit

One day, Nega[1]made a robotic boo that was the strongest boo around. It was taking over other game universes and enslaving people. It was the ultimate boo. It controlled Shiny Arceus, and had it destroy Josh. Josh defeated the ultimate boo by hitting one of it's blasts back at it. After defeating eboo, Josh was praised as a hero, and then fell into obsecurity.

The returnEdit

During his hiatus, he went to smashboards. There he stole a cleaning device off mega bidoof without his knowing. After making his return, he got into a fight with Nega, and was kidnapped by Maxwell Koopa, and Agent Planty. There he stayed until he was broken out by skull.

The downfallEdit

however, things took a sharp turn for Josh. His show was canceled, him and King Boo had a falling out, and he was kicked out of his apartment. He lived on the streets, until a flash of light took him in. It was Palutena, the goddess of light. She gave him the power to Fly, and is her third in commandIn a confrontation with Drake, he seemed to be killed, but instead was whisked to the afterlife, where he temporarily killed Hades. After his revival, he confronted Drake, learned his true identity, and left away relatively unharmed.

He was last seen with mysterious Aldati.

Relationships with charactersEdit

Nega Josh is Nega's self proclaimed rival, and will fight him any chance he gets. The fights between them, are always even and have no true winner. Despite this, Josh considers Nega one of his closest friends and allies.

King Boo King Boo is Josh's best friend and partner. They were hosts of the Josh and King Boo Show before it canceled. They recently had a falling out.

Steven Steven is Josh's Arch Enemy. He's kidnapped Josh's sister, attacked his friends, and tried to kill Josh on Multiple Occasions. Steven is the only character Josh will try to kill on sight.