Lemmy's Land was a Mario fanfiction site that was active from August 12, 1998, to June 23, 2012. Many aspiring writers got their starts by writing for Lemmy's Land. Its most prominent section was Lemmy's Fun Fiction, where users of the site, referred to as "tourists", submitted fan fiction, but it had 42 other sections, including Roy's Sports Hall, where the RSH roleplay began.

Roy's Sports Hall Edit

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Roy's Sports Hall was a section of Lemmy's Land where several enemies from the Mario universe were pit against each other in battle. Each battle was part of a season and built up to the season climax, where the champion of the season would be declared. Season 10 was one giant tournament consisting of the top seeds, with the winner receiving the coveted DynaStar. Season 10 was also when the blog began, creating a platform for the roleplay. When season 10 stopped updating, the roleplay began on Ludwig vs Axem Rangers, and eventually evolved into what it is today.