Max Lucas, better known as Echo, is a character originally created by Indra, who allows Nega to roleplay as him. He is a hero and one of the few heroes to truly believe in justice, fighting for no reason other than to bring peace to the land. He is a skilled combatant, and he has several magical abilities of various elements inspired by the gods of ancient Greek mythology, although using these puts a severe strain on his body so he mostly sticks to his fists and his sword.

Hailing from a world with highly advanced technology, normal teenager Max Lucas created Echo as a virtual fighter to represent him in Virtual Reality fighting games. After an incident with a computer scientist involving Kagemamoru allowed the system to reverse, allowing a new virus to control a real host as a person would control a virtual character, Max took the risk of using a similar procedure to make his green-haired Echo character a reality and combat the physical form of the virus.

After bonding with his character he started to refer to himself as Echo, and after a series of battles with the physical virus resulting in no success, Echo devised a plan to use some experimental portal technology that had been confirmed to contact other worlds to rid the world of this destructive monster. However, his plan to lure the virus to the testing center worked too well and also lured Kaemamoru/Kagetou, and realizing he was outmatched, he activated an untested prototype of the portal technology and forced all of them through to the world of Pokeplitrule using one of his more powerful abilities.

Knowing he had no way home, Echo decided to settle down and get used to the new world. He learned that in his merged human-virtual fighter body, he felt severe exhaustion when using one of his powerful magic moves, so he began to train in martial arts and swordfighting. He soon heard of villains that threatened this world and, aspiring to help out in any way possible, he met with the heroes and began to work with them to stop the villains. He carried a strong guilt for having brought to this world the dangers of Kagemamoru, Kagetou, and the other virus which had taken a form imitating Nega and called itself Dark Nega.

Echo has been helping out the heroes for many years now and has accompanied them on most of their adventures. At some point in the distant, distant future, a version of Echo calling himself Oak time travelled back to help his younger self and the heroes. However, Oak disappeared when Indra left the roleplay, denying Echo the chance to learn more about his future self.

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