Not to be confused with Flyer's spaceship from Stargate

Prometheus is a psychotic , pyrokinetic robot from another world who works for Kieron and was sent to aid Stygi. He has a mysterious sister named Pandora. He has an insatiable bloodlust, and he is proficient with his bladed weapon. Despite being a villain, he serves as a temporarily ally to the Knights of PokéPlitRule in order to defeat common adversaries such as the Chaos Council and Shade because of his servitude to Stygi.

Background Edit

Working for Kieron Edit

Prometheus's origins are unknown. At some point, he and his sister joined Kieron and have served him since. While Pandora stays in Kieron's headquarters doing work behind the scenes, Prometheus goes out and gets his hands dirty. One day, when Stygi requested help, Kieron sent Prometheus to serve Stygi indefinitely. also giving Prometheus some magic potions Stygi could use to suppress the Lava Demon within him.

He beat up Midna once but she pulled an upset and knocked him out. He's been unconscious for a while.

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