Herman Plunkett, better known as The Shroud, is an obese old man who becomes a malicious, powerful, terrifying demonic entity shrouded in shadows when he equips his magic stone. The stone not only enables him to drain the powers of others, but it allows him to wipe memories as well. Without the stone, however, Plunkett is a regular, aged, overweight human.

Background Edit

Terrorizing the Heroes Edit

The Shroud was a villain in some other world, but was defeated by whatever heroes protected it and came to the main dimension with nothing but his stone of power. Here, he caused trouble for the heroes and joined other villains. He used his mind-wiping ability to turn Buddy into an amnesiac for the gazillionth time at one point.

When the world was ending and Chaos was destroying everything, Shroud decided to fight for the greater good and helped the Genesis Wave be activated so the universe would be reset and thus, saved.

After the timeline was altered to stop the Genesis Paradox from happening, Shroud went back to his villainous ways, and joined up with Shade once again. He played a key role in Alduin being sealed away and, thus, became the leader of the other dragons from Alduin's world. Currently, Shade is said to be somewhere in some mountains with the dragons.

Physical Appearance Edit

Plunkett is a regular bald old man. He has a potbelly because he's fat, and his attire is nothing unusual. As the Shroud, he instead becomes a large, intimidating figure draped in pitch black shadows, with glowing green eyes and his stone is on a pendant around his neck, hidden under the layers of thick shadows that surround him.

Personality Edit

A sadistic and power-hungry individual, he made a hobby out of stealing powers from others and then wiping their memories, leaving them to suffer with no recollection of the superhuman gifts they once had. He also likes scaring the heck out of people when he's in his Shroud form. There is no change when he gpes back to human form.

Stats Edit

Honestly, who knows at this point? He hasn't been seen in yeeeeears

Trivia Edit

  • Nega made this character with influence from a story by Matthew Cody
  • He is responsible for one of the innumerable occasions of Buddy losing his memories
  • Unfortunately for him, any exercise he does as The Shroud does not affect his human body, so he's perpetually fat